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Usher Confides In Oprah

Usher invited Oprah in to his Atlanta home to have less of an interview and more of a mother/son talk where the artist got the chance to really open up to her and give her his all.

Oprah has a different effect on superstars then most talk show host.  She commands a level of respect and honestly that when she asks for no star can deny. So when Usher Raymond invited her into his home for an interview he knew he was going to not be able to hold anything back.

As stated on Grammy award-winning R&B artist Usher agreed to speak publicly for the first time—and, according to Usher, the last time—regarding the 3 year custody battle over his two boys. Plus, Usher opens up about what caused his breakdown in court and on stage in Berlin.

First Look: Usher on Oprah’s Next Chapter, Watch for a preview of what happened:

If anyone can pull everything from your first kiss to your deepest darkest secrets out of you Oprah can. This should be interesting….

In recent news…Tameka Raymond is giving up the fight and recently appealed for custody of her 2 children.  If you missed that story click here:  Tameka Raymond Appeals For Custody

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