Press Play – Usher “There Goes My Baby” + New Video “Hey Daddy”



Ok Mr. Raymond, I like this one!!!  Papers wasn’t my favorite but this song has what I call ” Press Play Power.”  I can see it on repeat!!!!  Keep ’em coming!

Here is a peek of his new video “Hey Daddy”

By: That Retail Chick


  1. I appreciate Usher being able to write music that reflects his transitions in life. I am impressed and will always be one of Usher’s number one fan. I have not had the honor to listen to his newest CD. However, There Goes My Baby and Papers is a keeper.

    Thanks, BAEBAE

  2. When I heard “There Goes My Baby” for the first time, I instantly was attracted to this song. I think its a sexy song. Usher has done it again for the Cool and Very Sexy Fan base he has.

    Thankyou, Foxyroc


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