Vh1 Love + Hip Hop and Courvoisier Cocktails = DIVORCE Court for Rasheeda and Kirk!


Benzino-Maryjane-daveSeems a very SEPARATED and kicked out the house Kirk Frost was seen last night at DJ Tracey Steele’s “Pretty Girls Rock” event, sponsored by Courvoisier Cocktails. (Did you notice Kirk was NOT wearing his wedding ring?) MEDIA TAKE OUT broke the story so I am going to just focus on the party. The night was VERY BUSY!  Female Rap Artist Bambi from vh1 #Basketballwives LA gave a rocking performance. Benzino and Hip Hop Magazine Partner/Owner Dave Mayes was also in the place to be showing support. Now there was someone else we noticed all up in the Love and Hip Hop clique. Rapper/Model homewrecker Alexis Miller (yeah the girl with the restraining STALKING order on Shaquille O’neal) AKA Ms MEDIA TAKEOUT …and might we add cast member of MeMpHiTz Wright’s in development reality show “Real Mistresses” of Atlanta STAR… Whew! That’s a lot of titles girl! Slowwwww down! But wait, the gag is

TRaceySteeleTracey Steele and #NewBooAlert? Ab Guru DeShaun Johnson  What happened to ummm what was his name again? Oh well out with the old and in with the new abs! That might explain Tracey Steele’s new Body!


You Betta Work!benzino-newtrainerBenzino – Are these the AB Gurus You started going to? We noticed you been toning up! Gotta keep it Camera Ready Bruh!
suckLIPSTICKAdiz Bambi and the “Lipstick Crew” were getting it in. I’m sorry I messed up the Crew’s name (Sorry Bambi)

bambi-perforADIZ Bambi Rocking the Stage – When you getting some new Tees for the next show! I got you -come to Tees and Quotes today

bambi-guru-mjBambi- Shaun-Mary Jane aka “Alexis Miller”

passionateCourvoisier Model and PMC Marketing Guru- Passionate Chonvill made me want to have 2 more Courvoisier Cocktails just to ask for her phone #

cognacMoscatowineAnd this was the Drink Responsible for the next few pics I’m about to post.. This new Cognac & Moscato Wine Liquer is the BOMB.com Try it!!!

mary-dancBenzino’s Clique is getting bigger and bigger- Mary Jane and who’s that behind her?

ben-mj-dBenzino – Mary Jane(aka Alexis Miller ) and Dave Mayes

mryj-daveUmmm Hmmmm – We see you Mary Jane! Kirk? You checking this out?

TraceyS-guruDear Tracey Steele.. Who’s hand is that on your man? Was she trying to get your attention because if so she mixed up your arm with his strong arm.


what the heezy

Ok I’m just wondering what was she looking it? I checked my gift bag and no surprisesgiftbagWhat was really going on?

rl-fianceDear R.L. – Please go to these functions with your woman and do not sign up for Reality TV so you can get married and stay married and remain happy

cocktails-courvoisierThe tables were laced with Courvoisier cocktails and rose petals and folks just dranking and enjoying the show!

courvoisierCourvoisology 101 “Thanks Courvoisier for the Memories Tonight! closeup

Now yall know I couldn’t end this post without going in on the Media Takeout Story… Rasheeda is a friend to the site and a friend of mine. I just want to deliver the facts about Maryjane aka Alexis Miller. I’m sure she is a very nice woman but lets let the headline news tell us..





  1. Hi Mimi,

    You are my favorite on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Don’t let anyone take away your class. Arian might mean well, but she stirs things up- like telling K Michelle and Rasheeda to say hello- accusing Johnny and Nikko of attacking K Michelle. Arian needs to stop trying to fix things. She’s nobody’s mama, and the rest of you are not children. K. Michelle is always putting the s— in the fan and expects to stay fresh. She is nobody’s friend- she’s crazy like a fox. One way or another, stay away from her and if Arian can’t stop telling people what to do and say, love her at a distance. Keep standing by your man. K. Michelle acts like she needs a labotomy.

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