Video: 2 Chainz Visits BET’s ‘Don’t Sleep’ & ‘The Wendy Williams Show’


Last night rapper 2 Chainz visited BET’s “Don’t Sleep” for a 1 on 1 conversation with T. J. Holmes to discuss voter suppression and his RESPECT MY VOTE initiative. Check out full interview inside.

2 Chainz, a convicted felon & repeat offender since the age of 15, has been a part of the RESPECT MY VOTE campaign and spoke with “Don’t Sleep” host, T. J. Holmes, on how he learned he could be reinstated as a voter despite his criminal past & why felons should be given another opportunity if convicted at an early age.

Watch a clip to hear 2 Chainz discuss how because of President Barack Obamahe became reengaged with the voting process and is committed to using his celebrity to inform individuals on voter rights.

2 Chainz also made an appearance today on The Wendy Williams Show. He tweeted a photo of them together.


  1. I am glad 2Chainz is stepping up and putting this information out there. A lot of people believe they can not vote because they have a felony. Now they get to know their rights. Two thumbs up to 2Chainz!


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