Video Footage Of Killer Whale Tilikum Drowning Trainer Dawn BranCheau



The footage of “Tilikum” drowning trainer Dawn BranCheau has hit the internet, and let me say there is no amount of money that anyone could ever pay me to get in water with a Killer Whale, after watching Tilikum kill. The whale clearly knew what it was doing and after hearing Sea World try to down play what really happen, I see now they are liars…— Trying to cover up the fact that this Whale is an unsafe wild animal.

I was told that Sea World had been trying to keep video from her Drowning  from the public Watch the video and tell me what you think? Click here to see the video. Update : .Just been told this is not Dawn. Old footage that surfaced in texas



  1. That’s not the attack from recently this is another killer whale attacking his male trainer in 2004. The latest one happened to a female trainer.

  2. this is NOT him killing dawn,this was already shown on the news,and it’s him killing his trainer back in ’04

  3. SeaWorld should be ashamed of themselves, because they know full well that the animal knows how to kill and will kill again.That lady could have been saved, if there was no place called Sea World/(Money World should be the real name)..If you ask me, all of the captive animals are potential killing machines.Animals are not ment for the circus, or the water park…SMH!

  4. I watched this with my child to let him/her know that animals are not supposed to be caged, he proly wanted to go home a whale lives in the ocean not a big ass swimming pool! Then they charge the public 40-50 dollars to see a animal that is supposed to be in the wild. It’s a fucking shame I wanted to take the shorties to sea world, but it’s a little rough?

  5. thats a lie .. NOT HER.. you sick people shouldnt even be putting stuff like tht on the internet.. the whale was clearly provoced .. and like i said thats not dawn dawns a girl and thats a man so get your facts right before publishing lies.

  6. Rebecca dnt be so bitchy dawn or not they kill…how many people does it take to die from these kind of situations…the only sick people on this site is yo ass tryna down someone and call names…dnt be so ignorant..its sad 4 everyone…n dnt tell people what to put on the internet what u some kind of politic now…i think not bc u too busy on this site..fuck off!!!!!!!!!

  7. they could have saved her they should have shot him with some meds or something now this women have lost her life


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