VIDEO: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Reunion, Part 1


lahhatlreunion-freddyo-1It’s time to wrap up a scorching hot second season of our favorite reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. The cast assembled one more time to answer some lingering questions and squash some old beefs.

Mimi and Joseline confront Stevie J about his indecent proposal, Erica and Scrappy discuss their failed engagement, and Rasheeda and Kirk take the stage to talk about their marriage. Check out the full video of the first half of the reunion inside…


He liked it so he put on a ring on it. Kinda. Well, we all know by now that Stevie J and Joseline actually tied the knot, but the topic of his dual proposal to Joseline with a side proposition to Mimi was discussed. The ladies let him know that what he did wasn’t the smartest thing, and he should probably own up to it.


But just cause the ladies agree that Stevie J isn’t really the best man around, doesn’t mean it makes them friends. Joseline threw shots at Mimi’s new “girls,” referring to her breast augmentation. “You just mad because I took your baby’s daddy,” Joseline said to Mimi. Not only did she throw shade, she tried to throw shoes. Yes, shoes!


The painful relationship and failed engagement of Erica and Scrappy was also discussed. Erica tried her best to keep it together while watching clips of their constant bickering, but once Scrappy admitted he still has love for her, she had a mini breakdown. Oh, and yes, there’s still her and Shay. “He lied to the both of us….For whatever reason, she’s more mad at me than she is at her baby daddy,” Shay explained. Erica still is buying that, and pretty much said Shay needs to get her life.


Rasheeda and Kirk only graced the stage for two minutes before HBIC Mona Scott-Young left us with a cliffhanger for next week: are they still married? Are they divorcing? We have to tune in next week to find out. And Kirk was met with a series of boos from the audience when he was introduced.


But on a happier note, Rasheeda revealed that they will be naming their baby Carter, who’s due any moment now.


Check out the entire reunion below:


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