VIDEO of R&B Divas Faith Evans Performing at Sheryl Lee Ralph’s DIVA Foundation Event



In Episode 5 of “R&B Divas” Season 2, the ladies perform in Los Angeles at  Sheryl Lee Ralph’s DIVA Foundation “Divinely Inspired Victoriously AWARE“.

Check out Faith Evans’ performance at the 22nd Anuual Simply Singing Raising Global AIDS/HIV Awareness.

Check it out!

We are so impressed by R&B Divas! Last night’s episode was amazing. If you missed last night’s show please take some time out and watch it.

Last night the lovely ladies joined forces with Sheryl Lee Ralph’s DIVA Foundation “Divinely Inspired Victoriously AWARE“.

Divinely Inspired Victoriously AWARE” is raising awareness of HIV/AIDS for men, women and children around the globe.


Each Diva shared how they have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. We had a chance to see KeKe Wyatt share about a close family member’s battle with the dreaded diseases.

The ladies performed at the DIVA Foundation’s 22nd Annual Simply Singing Raising Global AIDS/HIV Awareness:

Faith Evans Performs “Tears of Joy

Keke Wyatt Charms on the DIVA Foundation Event Red Carpet

It is so important that we have open and real conversations about HIV/AIDS’ impact on our community.

Kudos to R&B Divas for tackling real topics!

Did you catch last night’s episodes of R&B Divas?

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