Video: R&B Divas Episode 6 “Time To Heal” (Full Episode)


If you’ve ever wondered what happened to your favorite female R&B singer’s of the 90′s and 2000′s, then wonder no more … because TV One‘s newest reality show “R&B Divas” is here to give you a behind the scenes look at the lives of Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, Monifah Carter, Syleena Johnson and Keke Wyatt as they work, play and struggle to get their lives and careers back on track.

Brought together by their friendship and love of the original R&B diva, Whitney Houston, these incredible singers are dealing with everything from divorce to drugs and sexuality.


  1. I absolutely love the show. The three arstist that I really respect are Monifah, Faith and Sylena. The are very caring, loyal, committed and they support the decisions of the others. They have each others back and I really like that. Now, in the beginning of the season Keke got on my DAMN nerves with her whinning and clingy was to Michael. However, I have grown to love her and understand her as the show went on. I really admire that she has reached out to seek help and I thank Monifah for suggesting it to her. You four ladies are the absolute best and your relationship reminds me of me and my three girlfriends relationship, Now, Ms Nicci…. OMG! I can throw a brick through my television. She does not need to come back next season. She is in a world of her own. she is judgemental, she speaks left when the others are speaking right, she sees things her way and her way only. i.e. Episode 6 st Faith little Chat and Chew. Keke opened up to the girls about seeking help and she comes from left field and say they should not be discussing counseling while having drinks. WTH!!! Nicci go pull some luggage from an airport… BEAT YOUR FEET!!!


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