Video: Whitney Houston’s Brother Admits To Being The Reason For Crack Addiction


Brother to the late Whitney Houston has admitted that he is in fact the reason to her crack cocaine addition back in the 1980’s. Michael Houston and mother Cissy spilled all the beans to Oprah on, “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” Full episode inside.


Michael has openly admitted to being the person who introduced Whitney to the drug. He says it was not Bobby Brown who most blame. Michael feels very guilty over the death of his sister. He did not realize how deadly the drugs and addiction would be when he introduced them to her.

 “You gotta understand at the time … the ’80s … it was acceptable. It’s painful … I feel responsible for what I let go so far,” says Michael.


Check out full episode below:

Next Chapter | Cissy Houston (FULL EPISODE) by Ashley_Miller_3

Whitney passed in February 2012 after a drug binge including cocaine, Xanax and marijuana in a Beverly Hills hotel.


  1. It is a shame how everybdy has blamed Bobby all these years for not being good enough for america’s sweetheart & introducing her to drugs when it was her own family this is prime example how ppl on the outside can be wrong sometimes i’m proud of Bobby for not trying to blow it up when he knew the truth she got him hooked he’s the only one not trying to benefit off her death

  2. This is reason why we shouldn’t judge, we shouldn’t believe everything we read and we shouldn’t listen to everything we hear. #justathought

  3. Such a SHAME that these People, this “Christian Woman” would do the unspeakable to gain ATTENTION AND MONEY at the expense of someone’s Death! More ASHAMED that Bobby Brown had to endure such hate and malice from this idiotic, tight-lipped until I divide and conquer, addiction-fumed, arrogant-trash “family!” Bobby’s OVERDUE AN APOLOGY!!! HE has taken PUBLIC-SCRUTINY FOR YEARS while they sit back and WATCH; smiling, I’m Sure, USE WHITNEY, SEE HER SELF-DESTRUCT and ULTIMATELY DIE!! HOW DARE THIS WOMAN HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR GAYJ THAN THE MAN THAT MARRIED A GORGEOUS, DAMAGED, DRUG-ADDICTED, FAMILY-TORMENTED WOMAN but yet a little, abused, low self-esteemed girl INSIDE! By no means, wasHe PERFECT, made mistakes but He LOVED HER, gave UP His Career to be with Her when He was a HIT-MAKING, TOP OF HIS GAME, PEAK OF HIS CAREER ARTIST IN HIS OWN RIGHT; FUNNY, HOW MANY FORGET! NO TELLING WHERE HE WOULD BE IF HE NEVER.. NO TELLING WHERE WHITNEY WOULD BE IF HER “MOM” WASN’T SO JEALOUS, ENVIOUS AND VENOM-FILLED, then she wants to TALK ABOUT A GIFT FROM ELVIS that she WANTED TO GIVE HER DAUGHTER, YEA, RIGHT, HE DIDN’T EVEN LIKE HER BLACK BEHIND AND WHITNEY WOULD’VE BEEN HAD THE GIFT, LONG AGO; perhaps, When She Struck it HUGE? COVETOUS ONE! Bobby was A PROTECTOR, in all his “wrongs” and “not got it quite rights,” so much for Whitney’s “FAMILY!” Somehow, I DON’T AND NEVER BELIEVED HE WAS AS TERRIBLE AS PORTRAYED, THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF HIS FREEDOM AND REDEMPTION!!!


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