Wanda Smith Returns to V-103!



Wanda Smith has come back home to V-103 and she has joined the Ryan Cameron Morning Show. It’s good to have her voice back on the radio.

Check out the details below.
Wanda Smith made her return to Atlanta radio this morning on the Ryan Cameron Morning Show. Wanda has missed Atlanta and Atlanta have missed their first lady of comedy. Wanda had the following to say about her return to the people station,

“God wanted me to rest and be prepared for my next move! In my time of reflection I could only think about serving the people of Atlanta better than before and I can’t wait to get back. I’m coming home!”

Ryan Cameron seems ecstatic about the return of Wanda Smith to V-103 and had the following to say,

“Like Michael Jordan’s return wearing the 4-5, Wanda is coming back to win more championships.”

V-103 Reggie Rouse V-103’s program director had the following to say,

“We love Wanda. She is an important part of V-103 and we’re glad to have her back.”

Rick Caffey the Marketing Manager of CBS Radio Atlanta says,

“We are excited about Wanda’s return to mornings and looking forward to the heart and hilarity that she and Ryan will bring to our listeners. Without a doubt it’s a winning combination.”

It’s going to be a great look to have Wanda Smith back on the airwaves. What do you think?


  1. A match made in Heaven….Wanda gonna boost them Ratings and add some color to the show! They needed her back! Good Job V!

  2. What is “Wrong” with the management of V103??? Bringing Wanda Smith back is a “Huge Mistake”….They should bring in Simore, Adele or Monique instead of bringing “Thriller Back”.

  3. Wanda this is Tan Tracy Washington friend pls email me wanted to see if you have tracy contact also will be in Atlanta I can forward my info email


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