Was Lindsay Lohan Actually Telling The TRUTH About Stealing The Jewelry


Lin Loh 4

Could it be a possibility that Lindsay Lohan is actually telling the TRUTH?!

According to the police report regarding the actress’ recent felony theft charges, there are apparently two pretty big inconsistencies in the jeweler’s story, which may be very beneficial in getting her off the hook!

The documents show that at first, the jeweler told authorities that Lindsay had been in the store three times before to look at the necklace in question. However, the next day, the jeweler CHANGED her tune, and claimed that it was actually a ring at which she had been looking.

Another noticeable inconsistency is that the store owner told authorities “The surveillance video revealed that as Kaman [owner] was talking to Lindsay’s male friend, Lohan reached up to her neck area with both hands, removed the store necklace, and placed it inside her black Chanel bag.”

However, the next day, the owner then claimed that she actually walked out of the store wearing the necklace!

We’re not going to lie, those are pretty big ‘mistakes’ to make – especially when the matter is serious enough to warrant a police report in the first place!

We hope they have a decent explanation as to why they would confuse such big facts – or THEY could be the ones on trial – for filing a false police report!



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