Which One? Blackberry Playbook Or iPad



(11/17/2010) I am such a Blackberry fiend. According to Bloomberg RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Playbook tablet will be available (at least in one model) for under $500. The device is rumored to land in North America sometime early next year in multiple versions including an 8gb, 16gb and 32gb models. At the time of the press announcement, RIM also made it clear that 3G/4G versions would be available at some point too (hopefully sooner than later!). As it stands the 8gb model could come in under $500 — maybe just at $499, or maybe even less — but it would still serve as a great starting point for the new tablet. The higher models like the 64gb 3G/4G would obviously carry quite a higher price tag. In our BlackBerry Playbook price poll most users thought the device would be between $400-$500 and would be willing to pay somewhere in that range. What do you think?

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  1. I am also a blackberry fiend………………and I must have this!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder will we be able to use it as a telephone as well. I know you cant with the Ipad but I thought I read you can with BB Playbook.


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