Why Amber Rose Try’s To Be Grace Jones?



I really cant make sense of why Amber Rose is trying to recreate Grace Jones legendarily Album cover what do yall think.


This is what MrsGrapevine.com is reporting:

My intellect gets in the way of me appreciating this homage to Grace Jones, but as much as I love Amber Rose and as great as her body is, I feel like she needs to not just copy Grace Jones, but study Grace, and make it her own. I feel like Simon Cowell right now, it’s a great picture and all, but Amber Rose just didn’t own it. I hope that wasn’t too negative because I don’t want Kanye West ranting about me not knowing style, but look at the angles, it’s an art. Not to mention the light skin vs dark skin contrast. It’s just so complicated and so much to discuss, in such a small space. Anyway…Which do you like better the original (Grace Jones) or the remake (Amber Rose)?


  1. Like seriously….If I was Grace Jones I would be insulted…Out of all people that could have remade this legends picture(art really)….why Amber Rose?? Shit…I would have rather seen someone else that has actually had a impact on entertainment and fashion…Amber Rose is known for being bi-sexual, great fashion since, and mostly just being Kanye’s girl….thats it….she has not made a difference one way or another…Don’t get me wrong…her style is haute but Grace Jones definitely should be paid homage like the rest of the legends…this is bogus 2 me! But heyy….it is what is is…


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