Wishing Whitney Houston a Happy 49th Birthday : Jordan Sparks Recalls the First Time She Met Whitney


Several media outlets have joined in to tweet out the attached photo of Whitney and the ‘SPARKLE’ cast on the set of the upcoming film. We want to wish Whitney a happy 49th birthday.
Jordan Sparks says she couldn’t have asked for a more fitting film role than the character she plays in “Sparkle,” a remake of the 1976 film starring Mike Epps, Derek Luke and the late Whitney Houston in her final film role.
“The parallels between mine and Sparkle’s story are very similar,” the “American Idol” winner told us during interviews for the film last weekend in Los Angeles.
Besides the character’s name sharing part of her own last name, Sparkle started off as a young, naïve musical prodigy who goes through a tremendous growth period by the time she hits 21 at film’s end. Check Out the audio below:

“For me, I was 17 when I won ‘Idol’, I’ll be 23 in December, and there’s a lot of growth that goes on through there,” she said. “I related to her in the fact that she was so determined and so strong-willed, but at the same time she was very loyal and she didn’t want to upset her mother so she had that kind of inner turmoil.

“The only big difference between Sparkle and I was that my parents have been 100 percent behind me since I first opened my mouth crying on key when I was born!”
Another difference between Sparks and Sparkle is the parental unit. Sparks grew up with her mother and father Phillippi Sparks, a former NFL cornerback. Sparkle, however, is the daughter of a single mom — played by Houston.


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