World’s Fattest 4-Year-Old Offered Free Treatment in Hong Kong



Chinese media have dubbed him “No. 1 fat kid, in the world” but Lu Zhi-hao could soon be dropping the pounds. A Hong Kong weight-loss clinic has offered to treat the 136-pound boy yes people I said 136 pounds, known as Xiao Hao, believed to be the world’s heaviest 4-year-old, and they’re doing it free of charge.

Xiao Hao is just a shade over 3 1/2 feet tall and has already been examined at several hospitals to determine the cause of his obesity, which doctors attribute to poor eating habits, The Daily Telegraph reports. As a result, the toddler’s parents are applying for travel permits to Hong Kong, where they plan to escort Xiao Hao in a few weeks


“We believe there must be specialists in Hong Kong who can help us,” said his father, Lu Ye-ming.

“He has difficulty moving up and down stairs,” his mother recently told Reuters. “He needs help getting on the bus that takes him to the child care center. It’s also difficult to bathe him because of the rolls of fat.”

Doctors believe that if the boy’s weight goes untreated, it could become life threatening by the time he reaches 20. Here are some photos of the little boy…



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