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Nelly remembers his performance during halftime of the Super Bowl in 2004. The rapper tells Billboard that it’s almost impossible for him to reflect back on that show and not think of Janet Jackson’s infamous wardrobe malfunction.

Nelly says he was “shocked” to see Janet’s breast exposed in front of millions of viewers, although he says he doesn’t think everyone needed to be “blowing a gasket” over it. Here’s the video: READ MORE

Lindsay Lohans Leaked Playboy Shoot {Photos}


Lindsay Lohan recently lived out one of every “hollywood girl’s” dream,to pose in playboy. A couple days after the shoot Lindsays sexy pics hit the internet and everybody’s talkin about it.Lohan’s exclusive cover for Playboy is set to hit stands for the January edition.  Everyone was excited and enjoying the pics except for Playboy. Sources say that the pictures were released a week early and that Playboy was freaking out.

Their biggest fear is that the leak could cause damgage to the sales of the magazine. This issue was expected to be a best seller and I heard the company printed extra copies hoping that the sales would boost. They paid Lindsay a million dollars to pose nude for them (Sure she needed that) and now everyone has seen the “hot commodities”.


Im sure people will still pick up the issue regardless of the leak, I mean her stans, are welll…. STANS. Even, rapper 50 cent said he was gonna pick up a copy. (see story here).

Check out the exclusive pics of Lindsay!

Angela Simmons Goes Nude for PETA

Fashionista Angela Simmons displays it all for a good cause. PETA is known for their celebrity nudity campaigns advocating against cruelty to animals.  With popular celebrities like Taraji P. Henson and Waka Flocka Flame to name a few, Angela joins the other host of celebrities in baring it all to stand against killing animals. Angela is a known vegan like her Uncle Russell and holds true to her opinion on meat being bad.

According to Angela:

“Eating meat is a sin. As a devout Christian, I feel it’s very important to show compassion for all of god’s creation-and adopting a vegetarian diet is the best way to keep innocent animals from suffering”

As we can see not eating meat does the body good. Click Here To See Full Body & Video!!!! READ MORE

Jennifer Hudson Says “NO” To Playboy

Screen shot 2011-04-23 at 10.35.52 AM

Jennifer Hudson was asked if she’d ever pose for Playboy now that she’s slimmed down. Her answer:

“That’s just not me.”

The singer dropped 80 pounds within months of giving birth to her son David Jr. in 2009. She decided to lose weight and get healthy after feeling ashamed when friends didn’t notice she was pregnant with the baby.

Screen shot 2011-04-23 at 10.35.25 AM

She tells Britain’s Daily Mirror: READ MORE