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Happy Valentine’s Day from SN’EADS just posted a short animation from SN’EADS by REE. The video actually gives a Happy Valentine’s Day shout out to sneakerheads. This animation is very short and funny. Ladies, hopefully your man isn’t like the guy in the video. Check it out!

Big Sean “Supa Dupa Lemonade Freestyle”

Kanye’s artist “Big Sean” goes in over Gucci Mane’s Lemonade track. Word is, Big Sean is going to be on XXL’s 2010 Freshmen cover. Sounds like the G.O.O.D Music member is going to be making good music this year. Check it out!

Keri Hilson is still riding high from the release of her debut album In A Perfect World…  She has been nominated for 2 Grammy’s (Best New Artist &  Best rap Collabortaion).  Keri sat down with Billboard to give an interview and recorded an acoustic version of her hit single “Knock You Down.”  Check it out and tell me what you think! 

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Now take a peek at the interview as well where she talks about the “sexy male counterparts” that she’s worked with!!!



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I have got to say its been a while since I have heard a remix to a song where the artist is going in and I actually listened to the words. Now I really don’t know who they are referring to, but we do know Nivea goes in on this remake of Timbaland and Drake’s hit “Say Something”. You can hear it in her lyrics that she is calling out to Lil Weezy F. Baby and wants him to Say Something Baby. Here is a verse were Nivea pour’s her heart out, — who ever she’s talking about {Hummms}…. She went off:

“If we could have worked it out, but I guess things change, its funny how someone else’s success brings pain. When you are no longer involved, and that person has it all,and you just stuck there standing…Im gone need you to say something baby. Wish I could pull you out the game, its the thing that made you change, plus I was your heart, before your blackcard, you told the world about me, before you forgot about me…”

After hearing the song it seems as though Nivea wants to move on but her Boo still got a lil piece of her heart. The song which was recorded for Rasheeda’s mixtape “Boss Bitch Music” will be coming out soon and is clearly going to be a mix tape that goes off. I cant wait to hear it….

Here is the whole song … “Say Something Baby” remix- Nivea ft. Rasheeda

Here is video of them while  they were recording the song …. READ MORE

Jay-Z Got Some Explaining To Do…

Jay-Z has some serious explaining to do. Check it out!

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Ok Mr. Raymond, I like this one!!!  Papers wasn’t my favorite but this song has what I call ” Press Play Power.”  I can see it on repeat!!!!  Keep ’em coming!

Here is a peek of his new video “Hey Daddy”

By: That Retail Chick

Famed director Spike Lee has released his latest tribute to the late Michael Jackson. Over the weekend, Lee unveiled his video for Jackson’s posthumous single “This Is It.” The clip pays tribute to the music icon’s career with images of the singer’s life, as well as footage of Jackson’s hometown of Gary, Indiana. The “This Is It” video also showcases some of the fan tributes that took place following the “King of Pop’s” unexpected death on June 25th. “This Is It” is featured in the recent Michael Jackson documentary of the same name. The film chronicled Jackson as he prepared for his 50-show stay at London’s O2 Arena. The concert series was slated to begin last July, but was cancelled due to the singer’s death.
“This Is It” received a limited two-week release on October 28th, and due to its incredible popularity, the film was extended through the Thanksgiving weekend. “This Is It” has grossed more than 250-million-dollars worldwide. This Is It will be released on DVD Jan. 26th.

Nicki Minaj has been in the game for a while, but I must says after hearing this story about her and Remy Ma I was lost for words. Apparently Remy Ma and Nicki use to be lovers and did all the things that girls who like girls do.  In the video above, Nicki calls Remy to prove everything,  but like most lovers who are upset with each other, Remy just hangs up.  Nicki then goes on to say Remy needs to stop acting funny…
This is part of what Nicki Said:

“I use to fuck with her straight off. I know her— I use to chill with her, smoke with her drink pop bottles with her and so on”…

“But I did have relation with her and all that at the box… Shhhh Shhh… She ate the box and all that.”

All I got to say is hey, she can eat what ever she like… LOL I bet Remy wish she had kept messing with Nicki, cause Nicki looking good as hell these days.

What ya’ll think?

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