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New Birth Missionary names successor to Bishop Eddie Long
Stephen A. Davis is taking over as pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Davis was announced as the successor to Bishop Eddie Long, who died Jan. 15, 2017, after a battle with cancer at the age of 63. READ MORE

Migos Finds Their Way On Culture

You’re gonna read a lot this month about the ascent of Atlanta rap sensations the Migos’ first Hot 100 chart-topping single “Bad and Boujee” and how it’s this very of-the-moment confluence of social-media savvy and celebrity cosigns from Drake, who remixed their 2013 single “Versace,” and Donald Glover, who shouted the song out from the stage of the Golden Globes after a win for Atlanta. And, okay, all of that stuff happened, but zeroing in on the peaks and valleys of marketing and triangulating the selling power of tweets is a stuffy, sorta inside-baseball method of parsing what has at heart been a long campaign of good music. It awards too much credit for the Migos’ methodical growth to memes and outside influences when the forces powering this machine have always been hard work, good punch lines, and brotherhood.


Jacquees and Nash B presented Since You Playin’ a collaborative mix tape between the two, to a star studded crowd at the ultra- plush Elleven45 Lounge located in the heart of Buckhead, Atl. Waka Flaka, DJ Spinz and Cash of TK-N-Cashnd were some of the celebrities that were in attendance for this exclusive event.



DeKalb County police are searching for a woman they said they believed was kidnapped from her house.


ATLANTA (January 24, 2017) Last night, musical superstar and social critic/activist, Janelle Monáe and civil rights icon, Ambassador Andrew Young engaged with students, press and influencers at a private screening of the new James Baldwin documentary, I Am Not Your Negro, which was just recently NOMINATED for the Oscars !: and recently nominated for a NAACP Image Award for “Best Documentary”:

Here is a special quote from Raoul Peck, director of I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO on today’s Academy Awards Documentary (Feature) nomination:

“I’m grateful and joyful to be nominated for I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO. All of our partners and the entire team are joining me to thank the Academy members who participated in the vote of this incredibly humbling nomination. We would like to thank especially the James Baldwin Estate and Gloria Karefa-Smart, James Baldwin’s sister. Baldwin had developed a clear narrative about America’s historical denial and irrational relationship with race and articulated it freely in the media during his lifetime. I ‘m not sure this kind of raw and profound expression would be tolerated today –even though it is more than ever necessary. I want to congratulate the other nominees who have made amazing films, most of whom are dear friends. Thank you.”

check out video clip from Ambassador Andrew Young


Migos Set To Host ‘Culture Class’ At NYU


Migos will be dropping their new album Culture this Friday, January 27, and right afterward, they will be bringing their culture to the prestigious NYU.


Yesterday a new music video caught the attention of Keke Palmer, who was absolutely repulsed when she learned that she herself had been involved without her consent.


Music Video: Future – “Poppin Tags”


Friday’s inauguration has a feeling of gloom hanging over the day, but life must go on and the dollars will continue to circulate, as proven by Future’s new video for “Poppin’ Tags.” Just because the morning seems kind of down doesn’t mean people won’t be turning up at the club on Friday night and who better to get the scene lit than Fwetch?