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Your Voice Matters



It is our time to be seen and heard. The best way we can be seen and heard, is by using our vote to show what we believe and stand for. The worst thing that we can do is play into the hands of our enemy by letting him provoke us to wrath and therefore silencing our true voice. If we want to see the things we believe in happen then we must use our voices by casting our vote and letting our vote be the demonstration of our power. READ MORE

I am big on Energy. If your energy is off, I can’t flow with you. Life is about building and facilitating relationships. My auntie Deb Atney shared a dope video on the power of Relationships by a man by the name of Charles Silk Dunn.

If you want to glean a little insight check out this video after the break. READ MORE

It ain’t a BLESSING, if you had to SIN to get it!


To understand this should go without having to explain it, but it’s crazy just how confused some people really are. It’s highly offensive when people say something is a blessing (of special favor, mercy, or benefit) that is rooted in sin.