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fetty-wap-album-coverPatterson New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap new album Fetty Wap comes out this Friday.  So far he has cranked out 3 Top 10 hits!!!!  His debut single “Trap Queen” went platiunum selling over 1 million copies.  Fetty Wap’s follow up singles “My Way” and “679” are well on their way to reaching sales goals as well.  Not bad for a young rapper from Patterson, New Jersey!!  His album, which hits super hard, is defintiely one for the ladies.  His rhythmic vocals over melodic beats has made him a fan favorite and I am quite certain that you will enjoy this album!  Listen to Fetty Wap’s new album below.

2015 XXL Freshman Class Magazine Cover Revealed


NEW MUSIC — Tweet – “Wont Hurt Me”


This summer saw the comeback of a few early 00’s R&B stars. We saw a new single from Mario and Rick Ross a few weeks ago, now we have Tweet. Tweet blessed us with songs such as “Oops” in 2002. (ft. Missy Elliot.) Also, the song “Take Away”, which was a tribute to the late Aaliyah. This time around she’s signed to E-one music and is releasing her new single ,”Wont Hurt Me.” Her new album , “Charlene” (her first name) is coming soon.


IMG_1412 I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Ashley Jackson the youngest daughter of Civil Rights’ icon Rev. Jesse Jackson. With her last name this young woman has some huge footsteps to follow; Ashley is ready to step up to the challenge but to her own beat which involves rap, r&b, hip hop, and soul music coupled with a compelling message. Ashley Jackson is ready to present her world that involves positive tunes on FLEEK.


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NEW MUSIC – Waka Flocka Flame- “Workin”


While he is not running for president, Flocka is back campaigning for his new album “Flockaveli 2″ . He drops a new single called “Workin'”, for his fans. The song is produced by Tarantino, he boasts about diamonds and name drop several dignitaries such as Suge Knight, John Gotti and others.


The Connect - Mixtape Meet the Connect coming soon
Meet the Connect - Mixtape coming soon - Houston rap artist Laboo

Meet the Connect – Mixtape coming soon – Houston rap artist Laboo

OG Muzic is a newly formed record label in Dallas, TX providing the very best in Dirty South Rap music. But at the same time we are keeping everything O.G. READ MORE

Gangand the BoysBangladesh has three wins for the month of March. Not only does he celebrate his birthday the 24th of this month (a shared birthday with legendary talent like Erika Badu and the greats like Duke Ellington. This month Bangladesh re-launches his label and signs the newly formed group DUO Famous 2 Most! Happy Birthday Bang and READ MORE


Singer and model Stephanie Acevedo is now the newest member of the Young Money Entertainment family!

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Hefe Wine a Scumbag- Or Iggy Azalea A Beautiful Liar?

HefeIggyIggy Azalea you never cease to amaze the public with all your social media rants. Seems the Aussie Igloo Australia has been hit with yet another lawsuit over unreleased music again. Only not from Hefe Wine this time. James McMillan refers to Iggy as a “self serving and hypocritical liar.” In the past 6 months READ MORE