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OMG: Florida Man Hides Drugs in Belly Fat!

A Florida Drug dealer by the name of “Fat Man” was spotted riding around without a seatbelt in Florida and upon investigation they found drugs tucked in the creases of his belly fat. This is not a joke….True STORY!

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Brandy’s little brother goes hard on a fan after being teased on I.G. And now it seems Tina Chastang can’t handle the heat. And is claiming foul.


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Last week we ran a blog on a Hollywood red carpet moment with legendary Chaka Kahn involving Beyonce. Welp, it seems Mrs. Kahn is not amused. And has called the media out on it.



You just knew the kumbaya moment of having our first gay NFL player wouldn’t last long. It seems the media is trying to create a technical foul that doesnt exist. On The Field Erection.

Pharrell’s New Album Cover Causes Controversy


Does Super-Producer Pharrell have a problem with dark skinned women? Some say so..


Kanye West Goes off on Another Rant

Yeezus was at it again during his concert in New York on Sunday. He stopped during the concert to go on a rant about Lenny Kravitz. Unbeknownst to West, Kravitz was at the concert in the audience during the foolery.

r-kelly-gaga-snlPop music has officially become white girls gone wild!  First Miley Cyrus hit the VMA stage with Robin Thicke and showed us her wild side; now Lady Gaga is letting the R&B pied piper R Kelly hunch her on stage on Saturday Night live!   Lady Gaga R Kelly SNLI’m not sure that this performance can be considered “Pop Art”, but it will definitely make your eyes pop out of your head!!!  Watch Lady Gaga and R Kelly love each other up on stage below! READ MORE

akon tmzLet Akon tell it, the average guy has a main girl, a side chick, and a jump off.  Damn.  Men is this true?

Check out Akon’s explanation for his twisted logic below.