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Big Boi, Jennifer Lester, Ray Mills, and Londral Hall #Run4Justice Dr Heavenly Kimes and Dr Damon Kimes

Big Boi, Jennifer Lester, Londral Hall  and Ray Mills #Run4Justice Dr Heavenly Kimes and Dr Damon Kimes

Every year Big Boi shows appreciation to his Big Kidz Foundation board members by hosting an annual holiday party and Fundraiser. This year was no different, Atlanta City Council District 2 Kwanza Hall, actor/comic Rodney Perry, READ MORE

Jeremih Busted Trying to Sneak on Plane

Jeremih and two members of his entourage were busted at Newark Airport trying sneak aboard a plane after a security door had already closed.

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Photo Credit WENN

Photo Credit WENN

Wow! Is Iggy Azalea pulling a Milly Vanilli and giving the real female hip hop rappers more fuel for their fire? Rah Digga and Nicki Minaj going to have a field day with this information. Fresh off the press ya boy freddyo received a statement from the rep of Hefe Wine claiming “Iggy Azalea Does Not Write!” You know how he would know firsthand? In my best Wendy Williams voice Im going to tell you

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OMG: Florida Man Hides Drugs in Belly Fat!

A Florida Drug dealer by the name of “Fat Man” was spotted riding around without a seatbelt in Florida and upon investigation they found drugs tucked in the creases of his belly fat. This is not a joke….True STORY!

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Brandy’s little brother goes hard on a fan after being teased on I.G. And now it seems Tina Chastang can’t handle the heat. And is claiming foul.


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Last week we ran a blog on a Hollywood red carpet moment with legendary Chaka Kahn involving Beyonce. Welp, it seems Mrs. Kahn is not amused. And has called the media out on it.



You just knew the kumbaya moment of having our first gay NFL player wouldn’t last long. It seems the media is trying to create a technical foul that doesnt exist. On The Field Erection.

Pharrell’s New Album Cover Causes Controversy


Does Super-Producer Pharrell have a problem with dark skinned women? Some say so..