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This sounds like a cover up to me. Bossip is reporting the media is quick to jump on drama and create any type of controversy that can come from it.
When a video appeared of a woman, that was allegedly rapper Nicki Minaj before she hit the mainstream, talking about her sexual relationship with Remy Ma, many believed that Ms. Remy engaged in the accusations.
Since then, Minaj has denied the claims that she was the woman in the footage.
Calling Jenny Boom Boom and DJ Craig G from Hot 93.7, Martin, who is doing an 8-year bid was able to finally address the situation.

“That video came out years ago. I was home when it first surfaced and I don’t know who that is. The crazy thing with me is that it’s been out for so long and I’m still waiting for somebody to like type in, like on the computer, like I know here, she lives next door to me…I don’t even know what the logic was behind that.”

In regards to Minaj, the jailed rapper states that she is happy for her success and only wishes that she was back out recording so she could give Barbie some competition.

“I’m happy for her. I rather her than any of these chicks that are put under a rock falling back out. I’m actually happy for her. I like Nicki, minus the gay stuff.”

What yall think?


Tiny and Toya’s daughters Zonnique and Reginae got alot to say to all yall hating bloggers that say nothing but negative things about their parents.  The two along with their other group members of the OMG girls came out to support their mothers at Opera night club in Atlanta for Tiny’s Alzheimer’s research fundraiser. The girls sang there hearts out and then gave me an interview.


In the interview they talked about what its like being the daughters of super-starts and how their mama’s love to shop… I even heard that the girls might be getting their own show but I will let yall know about that a little later… Here Is The Interview:

Click here to see pictures of TI..  READ MORE

Jay-Z is taking credit for one of his wife’s more popular dance moves. On Friday night, “Hov” told BBC One host Jonathan Ross that he’s the one responsible for Beyonce’s “Uh-Oh” dance. Jay-Z says, quote, “I steal routines from her. She stole many things from me. You know, I see it on stage, you know, the whole ‘Uh-Oh’ dance. I started that.” He also claims to have created the “Single Ladies” routine seen in Beyoncé’s music video for the song. Jay-Z says he suggested the hand flip for the dance and she took him up on it.
The rapper is usually quiet about his marriage to the superstar singer. But he let those performance details slip along with information on how the two spent Valentine’s Day READ MORE

I know I am late… Yung Berg was reportedly the victim of a brutal attack earlier this week. Berg — whose real name is Christian Ward — was beaten and robbed early Monday morning. The emcee was attending a house party in Los Angeles when four men allegedly entered the home and pulled out firearms. The suspects reportedly pistol-whipped Yung Berg and another individual. Law enforcement sources say the men also robbed eight people, making off with ten-thousand-dollars in cash and jewelry. A rep for Yung Berg says the rapper, quote, “has been in Vegas,” adding that he doesn’t know anything about the incident. READ MORE

Keyshia Cole Is Still Pregnant

It was reported that Keyshia Cole had her baby but unfortunately that is not the case… She is doing good and getting ready to pop next month … I will be the first to let yall know that the baby has arrived…

Monica New Video: “Everything To Me”


Monica recently shot her new video for “Everything To Me” with Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson as her leading man in LA. The video/slash movie is going to take you on a love ride, here are all the behind the scenes shots.

THe Video was directed by Benny Boom. Monica’s upcoming album, Still Standing, is set to hit stores March 23rd.


I never really understood why blogger make up false stories about people and lie to get page views. The AJC just got on the phone with Kandi and she categorically denied the story. “It was a shock to me,” she said. Low Life Rose(I added that), never bothered to contact Kandi before posting the story.. But we all know SR does nothing but lie.

“Our store is doing very very well,” she said. She acknowledged that January was slow but that’s a traditionally quiet month for clothing retail anyway. She said November and December were very strong and the boutique just added online shopping as well at www.tagsatl.com. Click Here To See Pics READ MORE

Whitney’s Australian fans are pissed off after the diva did what some are calling the worst performance they have ever seen. Whitney who could not hit any of her notes had ticket goers demanding there money back. Ticket goers tickets started at $100.00 and went up to $270.00 for front row seats were hurt that the diva who was out of breath, and off key was not entertaining at all. Some of her fans even said on twitter that she had lost all of her talent and vocal skills…. Damn Whitney I was hoping she still had it. One even said:

“She could even entertain a dead rat”