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Lady GaGa Sued By Former Lover For $30.5 million


Drama Drama Drama, Lady GaGa is getting sued by her former lover for a whopping $30.5 million. The “Poker Face” singer is being taken to court by songwriter and music producer Rob Fusari after he filed his lawsuit in a Manhattan court. In the lawsuit, Fusari alleges that he’s responsible for transforming GaGa into a star by “radically reshap[ing] her approach.”P.S. He’s the reason she looks crazy…

Continuing to state his case, Rob insists that he was the one who got her to change her stage name to Lady GaGa, also telling that “he has been denied an agreed-upon 20 percent of song royalties and 15 percent of merchandising revenue.”GaGa’s camp is yet to speak out about the claims. Source

Zane’s Sex Chronicles: Season 2

Take a sneak peek of Cinemax’s popular After Dark Series, “Zane’s Sex Chronicles.” I really don’t know much about the show but I do know that from the Clip it looks like its good . The new season comes on every friday at 11:30pm only on Cinemax. Check it out and tell me what you think?


The homie Necolebitchie posted a story that I was lost for words as I read it. This is what she said. A few weeks ago, I spotted a photo of a fan with a tattoo of Lil Wayne and I thought I had just about seen it all but this doesn’t come close to what I just read on myspace. Some random chick is claiming that she is Lil Wayne’s real wife and she’s accusing Toya Carter of putting roots on her and stealing her identity. (What are roots?) READ MORE


People always try to bring a good man down.  T.I. is being sued for trademark infringement over the name of his Akoo clothing line. A company called Akoo International is claiming it has been around longer than the King Of The South’s clothing line. Akoo is a Chicago-based social music television network that was founded in 2001 — the same year T.I. released his debut album, “I’m Serious.” READ MORE

Grill Ripped Out Of Man’s Mouth While In Jail

You will never guess what happened to a Tennessee inmate when he told a female jailer he couldn’t remove his gold teeth when he was being booked…PS..he is now $100,000 richer because of it… READ MORE


I guess drama between the Real Atlanta Housewives is off air too. It was reported that NeNe Leakes & Hubby were left stranded at the airport after she threw a fit. I spoke to the homie Nene who is furious about an event that she was supposed to attend (for free) but the details were a lil sketchy. Nene was invited to a charity event in Boca Raton, Florida by Leslie Harris  for  “Women On the Move” to raise funds for breast cancer research. Nene was told about the event three days ago and dropped everything she was doing to accomodate the event. READ MORE

Oprah Has To Go To Court For A Defamation Lawsuit


Oprah Winfrey may be headed to court. According to “The Philadelphia Inquirer,” a U.S. District Court judge has given the go-ahead to the former headmistress of Winfrey’s South African girls school to proceed with a defamation lawsuit against the media mogul. READ MORE


People we need to wake up. The NAACP is helping to get the word out about the census. In Florida on Wednesday, NAACP members joined state Governor Charlie Crist at news conference to remind Floridians to fill out the forms. Historically, minority residents participate in the census in lower percentages than whites. The ethnicity question on the census form is a sensitive subject for some African-Americans. One of the boxes is labeled Black/African American/Negro. READ MORE