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Joey Porter caught driving drunk



Why in the hell can’t black NFL players stay out of trouble? Our sources said Joey Porter, a former linebacker for Miami Dolphins was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk. Porter wasn’t hearing the California Highway Patrol officers when they asked him to provide his driver’s license. He refused and rolled up his window. The officer should have known better than to reach in a black man’s ride to unlock the door because Porter slapped the hell out of the officer’s hand. Porter and his homie were arrested in a fast food parking lot. I know they are going to come up with the worst charges ever. I wonder if this will affect his contract with the Arizona Cardinals? -Courtney L.

New Video: R. Kelly – “Be My #2″

Here is the official video for R. Kelly’s “Be My #2″ from his latest album Untitled. I think the video looks a little low budget. What yall think?


Monica’s “Still Standing “ album release party went down last night at Opera Night Club in Atlanta.  Over 3,000 loving fans came out to support Mon.  The club was over packed from wall to wall and the line was crazy as it wrapped around the building.


The homie Rickey Smiley of Hot 107.9, hosted the party. Monica even drew Missy Elliot, an ATLien out of her palatial home.  We all know that  Missy does not leave her crib for just anyone!  Toya, R&B singer Jarvis,Derek Blanks, and Ms. Frankie were there to help Mo celebrate.  Frankie, who was glowing with tears, was just so proud of Monica. Frankie announced and declared that it was “Man down occasion and everyone better go and buy Mo’s album.” Mo is beating the odds and proving the haters wrong by selling more albums and leaving the store shelves empty. Go Monica and make sure you all go and pick up “Still Standing” her new album!-

Courtney L.

Are Ya’ll Feeling Erykah Badu New Hair Do?


The homies over at Concreteloop.com posted these pictures of Singer/songwriter Erykah Badu who was spotted leaving “The Wendy Williams Show” and had some fun with the paps when she took one of their cameras to photograph her fans.

Erykah sang her heart out for a performance of her latest song, “Window Seat.” Her new album ‘New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh‘ will be in stores Next Week. Check out video of her performance.. I only got one thing to say… Thats a whole lot of weave..

Prince Owes Over $677K In Taxes


“The  Purple One” didn’t make the Billboard list recently. But  he turned up on a list of delinquent taxpayers in Minnesota. Can somebody make it rain for Prince?   He owes  $227,000 to the state and government.  That is not it though. Prince’s companies, PRN Music Corp. and Paisley Park Enterprises, Inc. owe about $450,000.

Prince has a lot of explaining to do to his fans who are members of his online community.  They discovered this morning that their credit cards were charged $77.00 to extend their membership. I am not a math scholar, but how many times does $77.00 go into $450,000? READ MORE

I really don’t know what to think about this story, but I do have one question: ladies, would you SUPPORT your MAN  even if they were 30 and still trying to rap? Do you tell him he has missed that boat, or do you give him money for studio time? Do you cook and clean and pay all the bills, while he tries to live like a video, only half-ass and with your money (keyword: “your”)? Sometimes you got to give up those “rap dreams” and find a DREAM JOB…especially if you trying to hold your woman down. What yall ladies think?


Nadya Suleman, otherwise unaffectionately known as OCTOMOM, lawyer said Wednesday that Suleman, who is fighting to keep her house from foreclosure, has agreed to allow People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to put a sign in her front yard proclaiming, “Don’t Let Your Dog or Cat Become an Octomom. Always Spay or Neuter.” Umm, she doing something strange for a little piece of change. Get this… READ MORE

Picture 4

Janet Jackson says Tyler Perry, her director and her co-star in the new movie “Why Did I Get Married Too,” was her rock after the tragic death of her beloved brother, Michael Jackson. She tells “Extra’s” A.J. Calloway that Perry was “very protective,” adding, “He was very supportive. Very much there for me with everything that was going on in my life.”

The sudden death of the “King of Pop” came just weeks before they started shooting the new film. Janet says Perry was willing to give her all the time she needed.

“He actually asked me if I wanted to take a few weeks off,” she says. Janet instead chose to work, hoping her craft would help her through a tough time. She succeeded. The dramatic scenes of the film were “very cathartic for me,” said Janet, adding, “just going straight to work helps you work through it.”

Thats what friends are for . Be sure to catch Janet and the allstar cast in Tyler Perrys’ “Why Did I Get Married Too”. Check out the clip of Janet and Tyler BELOW…