Ron Artest Tried To Get In Chelsea Lately’s Pants

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We know you all think he is nuts. Artest recently appeared on Chelsea Lately, wearing pants that had a picture of what seemed to be Chelsea’s face all over them. His excuse for wearing the pants: “ Well you know, I’ve been trying to get into your pants for a long time and I heard you were playing hard to get, so I had to put you on my pants“.  She responded “Well you heard wrong because I am easy to get.“

What do you all think about Artest?- Courtney L.

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Katherine Jackson Says Michael Jacksons Kids Have No Friends + New Book

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Katherine Jackson says Michael Jackson’s kids are isolated and miss their father desperately, according to her first interview since MJ’s death.

Katherine tells the Daily Mirror, “They don’t have any friends. They don’t go to school, they have private lessons at home — but that will change in September, when they are due to enroll at private college.”

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Drake Responds To Lil Kim And Nicki Minaj Beef: “She Is Not Relevant…”

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drake and nicki

On the opening day of ‘Thank Me Later”, Drake opened up to a Houston radio station about the Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj beef. You can tell he has loyalty for Nicki and the whole Young Money camp.

I really don’t care. Some times I get a little impulsive when people start talking about people I love. You can say whatever about me. I will never respond to it…when you start talking about the people I love, I get more reactive….Nicki got albums climbing the chart, and its just about relevant people today.

Click below to hear the audio of Drake’s response…

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Beyonce Will Not Be Performing The ‘Single Ladies’ Dance Anymore?

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Word has it that Beyoncé may retire her “Single Ladies” dance routine for live performances because it’s been done to death and even she’s grown weary of it.

“Beyoncé loves the fact the video and the routine have been so huge and has really enjoyed performing ‘Single Ladies’ live but that’s it now, she’s moving on,” a source told Showbiz Spy. Read More »

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Biz Markie Helped Nick Cannon Smash His First 30 year Old At Age 17+ Stripclubs & Groupies!!!

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For those who are skeptical about the relationship between Nick Cannon, 29, and Mariah Carey, now 40…its all because of the Biz Markie who turned him on to older chics at the age of 17…and they TURN HIM OUT. Nick Cannon started off like many teenagers trying to get into entertainment…he had a rap group that never made it big. He then packed his bags and moved to Hollywood where  eventually he ran into Biz Markie who was heavy on the circuit. Biz made Cannon a hype man as well, and took him to several night clubs as part of his entourage. Click below to read excerpts of the video and see the vid!!!

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Brandy Reveals Why Her Daughter Wasn’t On Her Reality Show

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Brandy Norwood, Daughter Sy'rai, Mother Sonja Norwood

Necolebitchie is reporting In a recent interview with PARADE, Brandy reveals why her daughter hasn’t made an appearance on her new reality show.

That’s strictly because her father and I felt it was best for her to have as much of a normal life as possible. Of course, you’ve seen her on one episode on ‘For the Love of Ray J,’ but it wasn’t every day. You didn’t see her going to school, me combing her hair, or any aspect of our private, intimate moments, which sort of sucks because our relationship is so beautiful. I love being a mom and I’m raising her in a different way than how I was raised. Some things that my mom did with me, I do with my daughter — it’s just a different dynamic. I would love for people to see how I’m doing it because I think I could be a good example of a young, single mom.” Read More »

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Christina Aguilera Talks Being Bisexual! “Sometimes I am attracted to women…”

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Gossiponthis is reporting that Christina Aguilera might be happily married with a child, but that doesn’t mean she can’t like both men AND women! Or at least she seems to think so…

In her cover feature for the latest issue of Company Magazine, the “Bionic” singer says she feels sexuality to be very empowering and that “men don’t have the right to own” it, which led her to speak about her own sexuality.

Continue reading to see what Christina Aguilera says about being bisexual below:

“I feel sexuality to be very empowering,” the singer, 29, tells U.K. magazine Company in its July issue. “I think men love to believe that they own our sexuality, so if a woman represents herself in a sexual way, people think, ‘Oh it must be for a man.’ But men don’t have the right to own our sexuality,” she says. “If I want to be sexual, it’s for my own appreciation and enjoyment! That’s why I like to talk about the fact that sometimes I am attracted to women. I appreciate their femininity and beauty.” Read More »

50 Cent Doesn’t Like Diddy Comparing Rick Ross To Biggie

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diddy 50

Of course it is a well known fact that Diddy and Officer Ross have been around each other a lot lately. If you didn’t know, Diddy has taken over management of Officer Ricky Ross’ career. Read More »

Slim Thug Thinks Most Black Women Are Crazy

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slim thug

I really think Slim Thug has lost his mind. He feels that most black women standards are too high. Newsflash (speaking for myself) it is not anything wrong with being realistic and knowing what you want. By the way, I have three degrees. So I guess that makes me an educated fool? Slim, that doesn’t define my character. That is why I am not upset with his opinion. Why would I want someone that can’t add to what I have? Bow down…maybe you meant be submissive? Furthermore, black women can be submissive but should not be submissive to stupidity. You said that black people should change their frame of reference. I think instead of making a suggestion you should act upon it (pull your pants up). You downplayed women on the whole making white women sound like they are slaves. I think there are insecurity issues when you feel that someone should bow down to you. Nevertheless, why would  a woman play house with a man when more than likely he treats her like a rental? Sweetie, anyone can control a puppet. Read More »

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