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Kalenna Of Dirty Money Is Married With Children


So, who knew that one of Diddy’s little eye candy of Dirty Money has been in a seven year marriage and has a four year son. Her Husband also happens to be her co-manager as well. According to BuzzInTheCity, Kalenna reveals that being a member of Dirty Money has her constantly on the road and challenges her and her husband when trying to find that balance between work and family time.

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I got to say I love me some  Amber Rose who recently spoke about how she’s kinda of hurt about all the false accusations about her being promiscuous. My girl Necolebitchie recently posted  an Amber Rant and her views on how people feel about her.

This question was provoked by an exchange between Amber Rose and Lil Duval this morning via twitter. Amber Rose wrote:

Morning Twit Fam, [I] didn’t really wake up in a good mood today. I’m just so sick of being ridiculed. [People] assuming things without knowing. I’m super nice to everyone I meet. I’m a very caring compassionate person. I don’t deserve to be talked about so negatively. I really hate explaining myself that’s why I stay so quiet but I will say this….. I was with my ex for 2 years and now I have a new Love. [Two People] that’s it. If that makes me a whore then so be it. I have NEVER slept with Fabolous, Drake, Chris Brown, Amare, Lebron, Cassidy etc nor have I ever been a Prostitute.

Lil Duval’s response was:

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50 Cent & Ja Rule Go HAM On Each Other Via Twitter


Well what do you know! Grown over grown rappers stirring up beef yet again. Yes! 50 Cent and Ja Rule are back at it. Really?

a Rule apparently failed to file a tax return between the years of 2004 and 2008. He now owes a staggering $1.1 million dollars to the government. With his previous sentence in mind, he could face up to 5 years in jail.

This headlining news was a perfect entrance for 50 Cent to initiate jabs at Ja Rule’s expense.

Review the petty arguing between the two (SMH):

50 Cent:

“Lol RT @YouCantBSerious: JaRule pleads guilty to tax evasion aww this is the biggest headline for Ja since @50cent destroyed his career.”

“Don’t nobody care about you fool. READ MORE

Paris Hilton Says She “HATES” Black Guys!


Well what do you know, Ole Paris Hilson admits to being disgusted by the mere fact of touching black guys! Her racism is well documented (like that infamous video of her in a club where she looked into a camera and said, “We’re like two niggers.”). In his forthcoming book Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead, professional poon-chaser Neil Strauss adds another instance of Hilton horror: When she was 18, Paris apparently told Strauss she had a “one percent” rule against dating black men.

In LA Weekly excerpts, a young Paris talks about making out with Vin Diesel before realizing he’s partly black:

“HILTON: I went out with that guy last night.

Which guy?

HILTON (points to an actor in Saving Private Ryan): We were making out, but then we went somewhere where it was bright and I saw that he was black and made an excuse and left. I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross. (pauses). Does that guy look black to you?

How black does a guy have to be?

HILTON: One percent is enough for me.”




That’s what I’m talking about girl power at its best. It is refreshing to see my girls sticking together and allowing one another to get their shine on egos aside. This is truly how we uplift and have longevity in this business. Always willing to help another. Nicki Minaj tell MTV in an interview that she is pushing the highly anticipated release of the video “Fly” which features Rihanna, for a few more months because Rihanna still has songs on her album she would like to get high volume radio play. So to not overshadow each other, Nicki will release her fun filled video entitled “SuperBass”.

Nicki Tell MTV:

I’m gonna hold off on the Rihanna video and the Rihanna single for a little bit longer, cause we both kind of dropped at the same time. So she has a lot of [songs] in rotation and I want to let her stuff have a moment and do its thing, dominate radio. [Instead], I wanted to do something a little more fun. The Rihanna video is a freaking epic movie. It will be out, trust me. Look for it around Memorial Day video.

Meanwhile, she is gearing up for the release of her next video, “Super Bass” which she says is her “most fun video”.

“I’m taking it back to a few things that I’ve done, it’s a lot more fun. It will be my most fun video and my most carefree video, lots of eye candy and lots of beefcakes.

Tonight Dancing with the Stars aired season 12 first season. The lady that had all of our hearts as soon as the show opened up was the one and only “How You Doing” lady Mrs. Wendy Williams. Although Wendy was excited about being apart of the show, she suffered a slight fear of failure. For all you guys that watch her daytime show, Wendy has no rhythm! So this leap of faith was definitely taking her out of her comfort zone.

During one of Wendy’s first rehearsals, she began to cry, in fear of not being able to accomplish the task of rhythm and dance. That moment I believe Wendy gained a pity fan base. I know ill be voting for her even though her performance was the absolute worse and she received the lowest scores of the evening. I laughed the whole time but I’m still voting for my girl.
Screen shot 2011-03-22 at 12.04.30 AM

I think the judges were kind of hard on Mrs. Wendy, they knew she had no business out there trying to two step. One judge even said, Williams lacked personality and confidence. By the end of the night she was second to the last at  14 for her stiff cha cha. I cant wait until next week, Because Mrs. Wendy stole the show even though is wasn’t due to her dancing abilities.

Check out a video clip of Wendy Williams walking the Plank:

Mashonda Shows King Magazine Her FREAKY Side!


OMG! Is that Swizz Beats baby mama? Wow I guess those reality show checks are panning out because she SURLEY didn’t look like this pre-divorce. LOL! Mashonda is finding her way back to herself after a messy divorce last year. She is the star of the new hit reality show “Hip Hop and Love” and is creating her own lane. She recently got the opportunity to sit down with King Magazine and speak her truth.

Check out her in depth interview:

KING: Can you explain the “Loyalty” tattoo on your hand?

MASHONDA: I got it a year after everything started going downhill. It’s a reminder to me that I have to be loyal to myself for once.

Elaborate, please.

I was so loyal to everyone, and I totally forgot about me. This is what it represents—it represents loyalty to self. Now I have to do things that I love to do, and I have to make myself happy, because I don’t really agree when people say, “I need a man ’cause I want to be happy,” or “I’m not happy because I don’t have a man.” That’s not where it starts. Happiness starts from within, and that’s in my focus.

You’re also focused on Love & Hip-Hop. So the show does not revolve around you.

Exactly. I did a few episodes [first], then ended up doing a lot of episodes because the chemistry was perfect with me and Emily. I ended up being a recurring guest, and it worked out perfectly, because I’m on the show and people get to see me and hear my stories. But it’s not like a character that’s 100 percent there.

What is your role with Emily?

I’m like her support system, her counselor. I feel like a female Dr. Phil. That person who gives her advice and is not afraid to tell her my story and show her my life, ’cause I really want her to get hers together.

How awkward was it for you to be the shoulder to lean on?

At the time that we shot, I was in a great place, so that’s what made the difference. I felt like that was my therapy, and that’s all I wanted to do. Anytime I’d log in to Facebook or Twitter, there would be tons of women reaching out to me, thanking me for sharing my story. Those messages gave me a lot of strength, a lot of courage. From that point on, I just wanted to help women, and Emily being a good friend of mine, it was easy for me to go on there and talk to her and be honest.




Justin Bieber‘s “Never Say Never” beat out Michael Jackson‘s “This Is It” and has now become the most successful domestic concert film. The Biebster has taken in $72.2 Million whereas Jackson brought in $72.1 Million back in 2009. Don’t get it twisted guys, The King of Pop is still ranked #1 overseas, where “This Is It” continues to completely dominate the Biebs — $189.1 Million to $10.8 Million! Quite a gap huh?