Serena Williams Wins The 2010 Wimbledon Tennis Championship

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Serena Williams took home the Gold this weekend defeating Russia’s Vera Zvonareva in the womens’ singles final at the prestigious 2010 Wimbledon tennis championships.

This is her 4th Wimbledon and 13 overall grand slam. Con-grads Serena keep beasting on them …Big shout out to for the pic’s. Click Here Read More »

Mel Gibson Hurls “N” Word + Mike Epps Response

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I don’t know about Mel Gibson. I think deep inside…no, not even deep inside…right underneath his skin, he may be a racist. Recently, due to a custody battle of their children, his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva secretly taped him hollering obscene phrases to her.

“You look like a f*king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault.”

Umm, what hell Mel? To me, its not so much him saying ni**er as it is making black people sound like crazed animals. Mike Epps went on the record saying Mels N bomb was a cry for help, and the only way to make up for it was to actually lend a helping hand to black youth in the community.

Epps closed out by saying:

And we gone get Danny Glover on you. He wants to whip you!”

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Al Gore Under Investigation of Sex Abuse

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Al Gore is feeling the fire again because Portland police have decided to reopen their investigation into allegations the former VP sexually abused a young beautiful masseuse. I guess he tried to get a happy ending?  By the way he and his wife, Tipper separated a little over a month ago admist the rumors. -Courtney L.

Randy Jackson: They’re Exploiting My Family

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According to TMZ, Randy Jackson says his parents are being manipulated by people who are just out to make a buck — problem is, his parents are sharing in the profits. Randy has been tweeting today, bitterly complaining about the Jackson Family Foundation event Saturday night at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Bev Hills. Read More »

When I was 17….

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keri hilson 1

Who did this skinny cheerleader with bangs grow up to be??

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Jay Z Wants Lebron To Play For The Nets

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The hunt for Lebron James will continue through July 1, and there after, as teams are attempting to woo Bron Bron with enticing package deals, and for once, the RIGHT team to win his first championship. David Letterman wants Lebron to stay with Cleavland and not “cut the heart” out of that city. Hova would rather have Lebron to come to the Nets, but we all know, the Nets are straight bums right now. David Letterman let Jay Z know that Lebron will not win a championship if he was to go with the Nets. I think he’s right.

Letterman: He would be a bigger hero staying with Cleavland. What are his chances winning with the Knicks? Zero. What are his chances winning with the Nets? Noooot that good.
Hov: Just give us a chance. Give us (The Nets) a better chance.
Letterman: Ok, you all have a better chance than the Knicks. Thats like saying he has got a better chance with cubscouts than the girl scouts.

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Chris Rock On Kobe Bryant Ignoring Him At NBA Finals…”Don’t Nobody Care About No Kobe!”

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chris rock

This past NBA post season turned out to be one of the most exciting in years. It displayed the true heart and focus of plavers, including Kobe Bryant. In the clip below, Chris Rock responds on the view how he felt about Kobe ignoring him as he tried to tell jokes on the sideline.

Question: What were you thinking? I mean, this is the finals?

Rock: Ahhh the hell with Kobe. Don’t know nobody care about no Kobe Bryant.

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Ron Artest Tried To Get In Chelsea Lately’s Pants

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We know you all think he is nuts. Artest recently appeared on Chelsea Lately, wearing pants that had a picture of what seemed to be Chelsea’s face all over them. His excuse for wearing the pants: “ Well you know, I’ve been trying to get into your pants for a long time and I heard you were playing hard to get, so I had to put you on my pants“.  She responded “Well you heard wrong because I am easy to get.“

What do you all think about Artest?- Courtney L.

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Katherine Jackson Says Michael Jacksons Kids Have No Friends + New Book

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Katherine Jackson says Michael Jackson’s kids are isolated and miss their father desperately, according to her first interview since MJ’s death.

Katherine tells the Daily Mirror, “They don’t have any friends. They don’t go to school, they have private lessons at home — but that will change in September, when they are due to enroll at private college.”

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