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PHOTOS: Atlanta Exes Spotted at V-103 Columbus Short’s “Scandal” Viewing Party


The beautiful ladies of VH1’s hit series “Atlanta Exes” came out to show their support for Columbus Short’s Scandal Watch Party at Bougalou’s. The ladies looked glamourous as they enjoyed their wine and food as Scandal kept our hearts racing.

Check out the details below.


Atlanta Exes Tamika Foster Raymond, Christina Johnson, and Sheree Buchanan were spotted at Columbus Short’s Scandal Watch Party. The ladies are doing their thing as they show the life and times of being the exes of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Despite the way the ladies appear to handle their conflict on the show they are great friends. The girls got their party on and couldn’t contain their excitement about Scandal returning.


Atlanta Exes is doing great with viewers and VH1’s ratings. They just aired the group’s seventh show and it is everything. The show helps us learn so much about the ladies. Check out the fun we had below.

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