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Here are some pictures of Nicki Minaj’s who is featured in the new issue of XXL. Here is part of the interview on what she felt like when things started coming together for her.

I definitely think that, when I shot the [“Up Out My Face”] video with Mariah Carey, I started feeling like, Wait a minute, this is not something I really ever envisioned for my life just nine months before that.

You can read some of the article on their official site . How do you all really FEEL about Nicki? I know she is always on everyone’s site, but do you think she should DESERVES all this press…WITHOUT an album? I understand Young Money’s marketing strategy, but should she be getting all this attention??

Whitney Houston: “I’m Feeling Great”


R&B superstar Whitney Houston is returning to good health. The singer was forced to cancel her European concert dates over an upper-respiratory infection earlier this week. She tells People.com, quote, “I’m feeling great. I’m just ready to move on and continue my world tour.” Houston was hospitalized earlier this week in Paris, just ahead of her Tuesday night concert at Bercy Palace, which was postponed. But the singer doesn’t want fans to worry. She says, quote, “My health is terrific. But this is a time when I get a lot of allergies.” With the first dates of her European tour already rescheduled, Houston is now set to begin her tour there on Tuesday, April 13th in Birmingham, England.

Houston says any reports of her having gone into a downward drug spiral are “ridiculous” and that she doesn’t even respond to those kinds of reports anymore.


The homie Trey Songz will have a new album on shelves this fall. The singer’s manager – and Def Jam executive – Kevin Liles says fans can look for a new release this September. He tells MTV News, quote,

“September 14th, new album. He’s not gonna stop. He’s gonna keep his foot on people’s necks, and he’s going to make sure they understand that we have to redefine R&B. We have to work hard every single day to be the best.” Liles says he is continually “inspired” by Trey Songz, noting that the vocalist has a busy schedule coming up in the next few month. In particular, Songz will be appearing in a new reality show with Young Jeezy this June, as well as participating in the BET Awards.

Liles adds, quote, “We’ve got the “Blueprint Three” [tour experience] from the eyes of Jeezy and Trey Songz coming out. The first show airs on BET on June 27, the night of the BET Awards. The show comes first, and then right after that, the BET Awards.” Trey Songz’s last album, “Ready,” dropped last August. The record opened at number three on the Billboard 200 chart, and has since sold more than 600-thousand units.

Shot out the homie Necolebitchie For The Pic


His wardrobe may be filled with crisp suits and coordinating fedoras, but Usher’s sleek style is no match for his two young sons!

“Having kids man, don’t wear white. Have you ever had an explosion?” the singer asked George Lopez on Lopez Tonight Thursday. “Changing the diaper, obviously when they gotta go they gotta go.”

And for the star’s two sons Usher ‘Cinco’ Raymond V, 2 ½, and Naviyd Ely, 15 months, sometimes that sudden urge to go comes right on dad’s lap! READ MORE

Erykah Badu has STIRRED up some folks with her new video “Window Seat”, posted earlier this week on Freddyo.com. Apparently she only had one shot to get this video right, because, you know, being ASS out in public isn’t exactly legal in America. To me, I thought it was beautiful (of course). Do you think she was wrong for showing her goods with kids around, or was it self expression and art?? I know one thing, if I saw that as a kid, I would never forget it…


India Arie is not really feeling  Lady Gaga and Beyonce ‘Telephone’ music video. Arie believes it is irresponsible and that the pop stars have gone “too far” with the amount of sexuality used in the video. So she expressed herself on Twitter:

Don’t be offended this is all MY opinion… Am I the only one who thinks the “telephone” video is going a bit too far?
I’m not referring to the abstract nature of the video … I’m talking about the IMAGERY – the unspoken back story, the language the message

I agree gaga is being her image .. I dig her creative mind But still … Thers a such thing as socially irresponsible… I’m just sayin.

Its not long before somebody does a straight NAKED video. Not like Alanis morrisette “thank you india” like NAKED dancing around. LOLhahaha

Let’s be CLEAR! I know it gaga M.O. – I don’t live under a rock. And I get that a lot of work put into it. I’m talking social responsability

Indie even said: READ MORE


The homie MissJia is reporting Usher love’s Bisexuals. Usher’s “Lil Freak” might have caught you off guard when it debuted. According to Usher, the song is not only a great record but, TRUE when it comes to his life. Yeah,thats just one of the FEW wonderful perks of being an international superstar. Panies fall in your lap. READ MORE

As the buzz around her relationship with DJ Tracy Young reaches a frenzy, Real Housewives star Kim Zolciak finally speaks! In an EXCLUSIVE interview where Kim shares the truth about her sexuality and feelings for Tracy:

L&S: Was there chemistry the first time you and Tracy met?

Kim: Well, we were both going through heartbreak at the time. I had split up with Big Poppa (Lee Najjar), and she had just ended a relationship she had been in for three years. The first night we met, we just connected on a different level. We ended up talking for two hours. After that, we started working in the studio together, remixing “Tardy for the Party.” We gradually became closer.

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